Saturday, October 22, 2016

KAPIT-TUKO: Anatomy of the Fake Fame & How To Cling Desperately

I'm a keen student of the use of Propaganda and that is probably the appeal of Showbiz to me (that is, besides Politics, another propaganda-driven enterprise). Most of the reality we see is mostly propaganda, especially politics. And once you see the "script", "reality" loses credibility, like what is happening to the mainstream political press where it is not so taken seriously anymore these days. While the gullible would still be expected to be the majority, there would come a time when you are not sure anymore, like now. When the tricks have been revealed, the magic is gone. You can feel the shift in  the dynamics & everybody can appreciate the true  reality more clearly once the propaganda was unmasked.

Same in Showbiz. If you have read the biography of the Rolling Stones, you would have known the various tricks to propel their popularity. When they were just starting, their manager hired people to scream, to present a fake popularity which the gullible entertainment press lapped up & consequently wrote about a hot new band, triggering the subsequent bandwagon of real fame (they still had no money to bribe in the beginning so the innocence of the press was genuine).

Reading the Comments in this blog actually led me to discover another propaganda mirage. One of the biggest propaganda creation is the so-called Korea Wave. At a time when the so-called Korean boybands supposedly sold hit albums after hit albums (when nobody could be heard singing their songs), the local producers thought there was a new trend so they created their copycats as usual instead of investigating who was the real buyer of the albums. While previous trends (which up to then only came from the West) produced local hit groups, nobody among the Kpop copycats succeeded. Was there really a trend, or just a propaganda ruse? True, songs from boybands a la One Direction were hot locally in the airwaves- but why the immediate demise of the local kpop copycat bands? Were some here, who were supposed to know better, still not capable to distinguish the true from the fake before committing their cash to a supposed trend?

 One could expect novelty as an initial kick to a phenomenon but when a bandwagon did not arrive for the fake one, the ruse would eventually implode. Like what has happened with the Koreans. Actually, if you read the propaganda sites created to pretend popularity, it is humming the usual pretend narrative as if nothing happened. But, as a reader once commented, it took a little blog like ours which pricked the balloon of propaganda. Suddenly, reality focused: low-rating of kdramas, no Korean melody in the airwaves (no  budget to support their own albums for a decade?). That is how flimsy the "popularity" was, you don't have to do much, just redirect the attention to the fact. This also happened in Peru: if you read Korean propaganda, they were very popular in Peru. But this blog discovered that they were shown there for almost a decade, true- but all those time, they were in the bottom of the Peruvian charts, earning 1-2% rating, managing to be noticed slightly only when the Pinoy tekeserye Bridges of Love (Puentes de Amor) was shown there & consequently upgraded Asian profile. One can only guess of the reasons how they managed to be shown for a long time there with those low ratings and it's definitely not due to their popularity. What was clear was, as one reader put it, their lack of shame in pretending popular & clinging kapit-tuko in a market which has been resistant to them for a decade. What better proof of unpopularity?

Frankly, all of these should have been  something to just laugh about. But unfortunately, they were apparently willing to sabotage a fellow Asian- the Pinoys-  just so they could delude themselves & believe their own  propaganda (read Tales of SABOTAGE in the sidebar). Part of the kapit-tuko package of delusion? It's obvious they will sabotage (more assiduously) for a long time yet.

These are interesting times because they are undertaking big efforts to reshape back reality to the narrative of their propaganda. Their propaganda machine is doing double-time in regaining whatever momentum they thought they had. Unfortunately, the basic reason why they didn't suceed, & won't suceed again, is (as one reader put it) they didn't look the part. They can't change how they look no matter how Plastic Surgery advances, or how strong the propaganda noise, so we know how this still would end up.

But at least, we could learn from their propaganda tactics. We definitely should be wiser before we commit our cash to a supposed trend. Also, we could definitely use the modus operandi of using fake fans. One can always blame  fake fans as scapegoat- they can be as noisy or  combative when protesting for you no  matter if you are a permanent inhabitant of the bottom of the ratings like when they protested the Pinoy teleserye "La Promesa" in Peru when they sensed the Pinoys had more appeal to a market which rejected them for a decade. Oh, anyway, the fake fans don't have to be combative always- they have their other uses too. They can be ordered to mob you no matter how unknown you are in the airport.

Friday, October 21, 2016

After the successful showing of FOREVERMORE, DOLCE AMORE opens on November 5 on Startimes Novela E1

There are new sets of Pinoy stars who have become big in Africa. The earlier ones like Kristine Hermosa & Jericho Rosales of the original Pangako Sa Yo & Marian Rivera of  Marimar fame led the way. Now, the younger ones like the loveteam Lizquen composed of Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano  are getting the much-deserved attention. After the successful showing of their first teleserye Forevermore early part of this year, their second, Dolce Amore, is set to start on November on Startimes Novela E1.

Startimes covers the African countries of Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Republic of Central Africa, Guinea & Kenya.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


GMA must be jumping with joy, it has sold a teleserye again. Or is this a re-issue? This teleserye was released on 2008 yet. But it stars regional stars Marian Rivera & Dingdong Dantes. Marian Rivera is the biggest Pinay star in many geographic areas of the world like Africa & Indochina. To its credit, GMA knows how to produce stunningly beautiful stars. I wonder why they keep destroying the view with the low-rating kdramas they keep on inserting. Needless Halloween views as a result.

Anyway, another good news for Pinoy teleserye.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

LA PROMESA Capitulo 3: Staking Virtually Virgin Territory

For more than a week now, the Peruvians were the biggest readers of the blog. They were searching for "La Promesa serie filipina" or "... novela filipina". When the teleserye was first shown at Panamericana TV in Peru on September 22, our Peruvian readers were only still searching for news about "Puentes de Amor", the first teleserye shown there. It seemed nobody there was aware that a new Pinoy teleserye "La Promesa" was already showing.

The Latin American distributor, 7A Media, posted the first 3 episodes on Youtube about a week ago, together with a few press releases, & that apparently made the people finally aware. We're featuring the third one to support promotions.

Also noticeable was the lack of video clips of the teleserye in the usual telenovela sites which featured Puentes de amor promptly before, a first for an Asian drama (Korean dramas are featured in Asian-only pirate sites which apparently are their own propaganda outlets- however, the Koreans still have dwelt in the bottom of the Peruvian TV ratings for a decade up to now despite the special propaganda sites, confirming the actual resistance of the market to them). The Spanish-speaking telenovela sites led to the upward ascent in the awareness scale of the first teleserye to be shown in Latin America which lifted its ratings later on, confirming the market is receptive to teleserye if properly cultivated. Pinoy teleseryes are still a novelty in Latin America, as proved by the initial low ratings of La Promesa. Protection of copyrights might not be wise when one is still virtually an unknown in an area. We still need to pump prime awareness in virgin territories, more now that we are already aware of a fierce regional competitor which tries to sabotage in so many ways.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Marco Gallo: Somebody's Il Bambino

This post is sort of a force majeure. My gay professor friend was beside himself, he cried he might not be seeing the twink Marco Gallo's face again, his bambino. He was allegedly booted out by the "uglies & wa K". I don't have coverage of  Pinoy Big Brother ever since my teenage assistant enrolled in college so I was totally ignorant of the going-ons there, but here I had my otherwise "respectable" friend imploring me to feature his bambino. I couldn't refuse, could I?

Oh, the kid has the makings of a matinee idol, I bet we'll see lots of him yet. So, the fans better relax...

Gerphil Flores does "Dust in the Wind"

I was planning to post another when I opened one of the emails that clutttered my inbox and clicked the link sent by a friend. Do you remember the Pinay soprano singer who stole the limelight of the one & only (so far) Asia's Got Talent last year? She's got this beautiful interpretation of a classic song.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

So ...Catriona Gray is indeed Miss Philippines World 2016

A few months ago, there was this video done by a Latin American (?) which in a way predicted that the next Miss Philippines World would be the model Catriona Gray (the first video). I've already done a draft of an article featuring the prediction, even preparing a collage of the best poses of the girl (collage above), but for some reason, I forgot to post it.

  It turned out the prediction was right. She indeed won. Catriona will be the representative of the Philippines to this year's Miss World competition.

I was scanning my drafts when I saw the missed file. Better late than never. The second video shows the coronation.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"One True Love" shown on October 14 at My TV Africa (all Subsaharan African countries except South Africa)

I'm on travel and the internet connection sucked. I usually allot 10 minutes sneak time to post my articles via my smartphone but my attempts the past days were really a struggle, be it via Wi-Fi or LTE. Sorry for the missed posts.

Anyway, we have here an encouraging news from GMA, the second TV broadcast station of the Philippines. It sold a teleserye starring Alden Richards & it's going to be aired on My TV Africa on October 14. I criticized GMA before for undermining the world-class Pinoy capacity to produce teleseryes by continuing to ply low-rating Korean dramas, acting like the Peruvian Panamericana TV of the Philippines (Panamericana showed kdramas for 10 years though they were perennially at the bottom of the Peruvian ratings lorded over by telenovelas from Mexico, Peru, Turkey, Colombia & the Philipines, but it was a low-rating station generally which needed other sources of income, while GMA should have had more self-respect because it was supposed to be in a higher class- its shows could still rate rather highly). But we'll continue to encourage so it can outgrow its inferiority complex (and help some Pinoys outgrow their liit ng tingin sa sarili) and join in strengthening the Pinoy brand- because teleseryes have only one brand- Pinoy.

Monday, October 10, 2016

"La Promesa" Capitulo 2: How To Silently Show A Teleserye

A sign that it was barely publicized, it is only now that the Peruvians have started arriving to the blog searching for "La Promesa serie filipina". For the last two days, the Peruvians have been the biggest readers of this blog. It started when the Latin American distributor released a few press releases   and posted a few episodes (at least 3) on Youtube five days ago. The dearth of publicity around the showing of the teleserye on September 22 from the usual outlets that release publicity materials from the Panamericana station of Peru was puzzling.

It should be remembered that when the first teaser of the teleserye was first shown just after the end of showing of  Pinoy teleserye "Puentes de amor" a few months ago, the alleged "avid fans" of the perennially low-rating South Korean dramas protested and for strange reason, bashed Pinoy teleseryes. The Peruvian authorities probably are still not aware of the usual modus operandi of the alleged South Korean "fans" in other countries where they also have low-ratings, like the Philippines, where they hold manufactured noise to pretend a  fandom to exert pressure. My professor friend suspected the usual Panamericana outlets were subsequently stymied in publicizing "La Promesa" online because they apparently avoided the noisy pseudo-trolls. The initial copious publicity became scarce, especially that the teleserye's showing  had to be delayed because of the slow dubbing into Spanish. When it was time to show, I myself only became aware of its showing not from the usual publicity outlets used by the station but from a passing comment in a Peruvian forum.

There is another "La Promesa" series from Colombia, so that if one googles the title of the series, the one from Colombia is often returned. One has to emphasize it was the "serie filipina".

Friday, October 7, 2016

"La Promesa" Capitulo 1: Pilot Episode in Spanish

For those who are curious how the pilot episode of Pangako Sa Yo/La Promesa looks in Spanish. It is shown at 6 PM local time in the Peruvian station Panamericana TV.

Aqui esta el primero capitulo de la telenovela filipina La Promesa que actualmente se estrena en Peru.

Monday, October 3, 2016

WORLD FORCE IN CHOIR MUSIC: Around the World with "Rosas Pandan"

Let's celebrate Pinoy music today. Not only are Pinoy singers winning reality singing competitions around the world- they have won twice in Australia, also in Germany, Austria, Vietnam, etc. Not only singers of Pinoy descent are big names in world pop music- Bruno Mars, Enrique Iglesias, Nicole Scherzinger, etc. Even in the choir music arena, Pinoy singers and music became major forces around the world. The Pinoy choir group Madrigal Singers regularly wins Choir competitions around the world, particularly the main competitions in Europe.

The rich Filipino musical tradition include great songs which became staple fares in choral concerts and competitions. Rosas Pandan is a Visayan song & it has become a favorite in choir concerts around the world. I chose a few clips showing various choral groups interpreting it.



US- Brown University
Russia- Moscow Boys' Choir
US- Purdue University

Pinay wins the Vietnam Idol: Janice Buco AKA Janice Phuong

A Pinay does it again. From US to Europe, Pinoys have been winning reality singing competitions. Janice Buco (with screen name Janice Phuong) just won this year's Vietnam Idol.

Vietnam has been a good place for Philippine singers, actors & teleseryes.

On display in the video below was not only the vaunted singing prowess of Pinoys but their knack for languages. Janice Buco here speaks in perfect Vietnamese. She has lived in Vietnam for seven years, performing professionally at bars and clubs.

The full show:

Sunday, October 2, 2016

INTERNATIONAL KATHNIEL: Viet Subtitles of a Kathniel' Date Night video... Plus Iceland Memories

The country's top young loveteam, Kathniel, composed of Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla, was awarded the Face of the Year  for 2016 in Vietnam. Below is a Viet sub of one of their cute clips.

They recently did a magazine photoshoot in Iceland.

Meanwhile, five days ago, their latest film, BARCELONA A Love Untold" (filmed in... where else, Barcelona, Spain) reached PHP 200 million in the box-office in 12 days (not including international sales).


Actually, I was not aware of this particular 2015 list.  Nobody bothered to take it seriously because it was so ridiculous. It was a day when the meaning of Beauty became synonymous with Comedy. Pity, nobody lingered to savor the joke. More out of revulsion? I only got to know it yesterday. The undermining of resurgent Pinoy teen stars are still ongoing like I described in the Scandals series though it evolved into subtler undermining tricks after it was first exposed in this blog: in a forum where some Pinay teen actresses were being lauded, this list was suddenly uploaded, clearly intended to undermine. As expected, the list turned into a laughingstock instead. Apparently, the list is still constantly recycled in the propaganda network of the villains: they most likely treated it as a propaganda coup, though it was practically useless because only a few bother with them anymore anyway. They don't have to admit it but they have simply become washed-up years ago. The only noise remaining comes from their propaganda outlets. For a special purpose?

The list of supposedly "most beautiful people" were dominated by ordinary-looking South Koreans so that promptly destroyed its credibility. There was no hassle because there were no subscribers or readers who would withdraw their membership for pure revulsion (For one, when I use lists in this blog,  I use only accountable ones from magazines or subscription websites where ridiculous lists can mean withdrawal of  subscriptions or membership altogether). It was a website like any website, but apparently it was handy for psy-op operations like this one. Needless to say, it failed to deliver .

I decided to write about this now because it appears the villains have upped the level of  their delusion. Inadvertently, the new developments suggested a bigger conspiracy which would need updating our understanding of this issue. The hallmarks of a tired playbook were there: say some truths but speak more lies that could be confused with the truths. Show some really beautiful faces and insert simple faces that must be confused as beautiful too. The gimmick has become hackneyed: the list was simply ignored (though even true beauties Kathryn Bernardo & Liza Soberano were used as supporting cast to give credibility to the charade).

In the usual conversations about beauty among friends where beautiful people is the favorite topic, Koreans still don't figure at all though their propaganda machine is rampant here. The list was actually hilarious: the houseboy-looking rocker was supposedly one among the "Top 10 most handsome in the world" though I couldn't find any among my female & gay friends who doesn't think he's ugly. Gigantic leap indeed from being ugly to the Top 10 Most Handsome in the world, that's hard to beat! The "most beautiful girl of the world" was just as ridiculous: she was not ugly but definitely looked out of place among the really beautiful ones in the list (and none among them were her countrywomen).
 The problem is that the more credible lists might be degraded by ridiculous lists such as this. Of course, we know this pseudo-affirmative gimmick has been done so many times before by pretentious campaigns that people are now jaded. Many, like me, laughed when they actually saw it. So did all my friends.

My college professor friend thinks the South Koreans are being used. The question is for what purpose?  I first thought that this was a simple pro-Mongoloid campaign but my  friend had a different take: This looks like a pro-Mongoloid campaign on the outside but the fact that the promotions done were lopsidedly in favor of the South Koreans over the Chinese & Japanese (who incidentally have far bigger markets & relatively more interesting culture & people) revealed  another story. Throwing some crumbs to the Chinese & Japanese  was just done to recruit them to a Mongoloid campaign which actually has its ultimate aim in their own denigration, especially to the Chinese, the main target. For example, China & Japan were given 4 slots each in this Top 100 list but 8 were given to the South Koreans. More critically,  they were made irrelevant in the international  promotion infrastructures given to the Koreans. For one, the Koreans were even allowed to use the illegal pirate sites for promotions  and we know who actually control these sites. The Korean promotion is to give them a headstart as the trendy & beautiful Mongoloid face of Asia, undercutting the ascendancy of the soft power potential of the resurgent Chinese, the feared cutural hegemon of the near future. An unorthodox  geopolitico-cultural war?

What do I think? Frankly, I couldn't care less. People have long seen through these tired social engineering  gimmicks. My only concern is that now that their perennially unrequited desire to be the most beautiful Asian is undercut by the popularity of the Cute Pinoys who became resurgent despite the lack of a propaganda machine, what will that make of the Cute Pinoys? More sabotage?

AKO AY NANDIDIRI: When Having Sex Means Puking At Each Other, When Marrying Means Swallowing One's Vomit

Most of the contributors to this blog are gay and they are all well-educated, two of them are medical doctors and one is a free-thinking college professor. I sought their help when I decided to get serious with this blog. I don't have much time to read about Pinoy showbiz news nor watch teleseryes but I have these showbiz addict gay friends who now always give me the heads up on showbiz happenings. It was actually my gay assistant who informed me about the Pacquiao alleged gay slur drama. Four of the gay contributors were present in the coffee house when we discussed this and our discussion really opened my eyes. There's another side to this issue & I thought why shouldn't I be the champion of this side through this blog.

Most gays don't join this fake bandwagon sorrounding Gay Marriage. For one, this issue makes the typical Pinoy gay puke. Straight guys here are cheap & a self-respecting gay won't be caught sucking another gay man. As one said,"Lalaki ang hanap nila, di pekeng lalaki!* In fact one bravely commented:"I am gay but I am a proud homophobic. I puke merely thinking of having sex with another gay man".

Now why would a self-respecting gay marry somebody who makes him puke when having sex with? How can love grow when they vomit at each other?

In effect, Gay Marriage is a campaign to politically blackmail gays to swallow their vomit & have sex though their whole being is telling them to puke. Just so they belong? How foolish.

Just like the fact that Blacks are still the poorest after all the Black minority rights campaign, it turned out Gay Mariage doesn't matter in the end because so few gays ultimately marry  in those countries which adapted it. Somebody chose to forget most gays actually would rather puke than have sex with each other.

I took this info from
Let's look at Holland, the first country which adapted Gay Marriage in 2001:

As you can see, the biggest number was in the first year (the suckers were probably excited by all the political pang-uuto in the first year) but the interest gradually fell with each year, dropping very low indeed. If there would have been a clamor for Gay Marriage there, it should have been increasing, but the small numbers just kept declining proving this was merely a useless political stunt. Somebody just wanted to manipulate gays for a political aim (I'll discuss this in Part 2). With this paltry result, why bother with all these noisy political noise especially in a country like the Philippines where gays have refined taste and having sex with another gay man makes them vomit? Reminds me of all the big headlines about  the fight for Black minority rights from the 60's but circa 2015 the US Blacks were still burning Ferguson & Baltimore because they would turn out to be still the poorest.

The clamor for Gay Marriage is fake because most gays are revolted by the thought of having sex with a gay man, how much more wed one? Of course, there would still be a few with strong stomachs who can fool themselves to swallow their vomit and say it is love but should we even have to change our way of life centered on an important institution like family just to kowtow to every marginal deviant? Should we disallow beauty pageants just because it would discomfort the majority ugly? Should we shoot the paltry rich just because they offend the majority poor?

Even the  poster figure in the local LGBT scene, a comedian named Vice Ganda turned out to be a connoisseur of straight basketball players. If he is sincere in fighting for gays, why shouldn't he be a true gay model, why doesn't he flaunt a parlorista lover instead? Is money involved in these kinds of campaign? The LGBT groups here, who financed them before they hoodwinked the hooked members to contribute the token funds (the main fund comes from the dark sponsors?)?

Really curious...

It gets curioser in Part 2

SCANDAL!!! PART 6: I Can Not Be Corrupted, Sorry! It Won't Be Fun Anymore so No Way

About 5 days ago (August 6, 2015), the figurehead of the propaganda front masquerading as fan club of Pinoy artists in the Post-Soviet space contacted me in my VK account and offered me to relieve him in his post. That in effect, I can become the new administrator AKA figurehead of their propaganda front whose lies I just began to document and expose (so far I exposed one in my blog & another one in my VK account). He admitted that at least 95% of what they were publishing were true (only 5% were lies?) but he claimed it was his companions who did those without his knowledge. I'm not judging him if what he's saying was true, he might have been actually used because it's de rigueur that propaganda fronts use innocent figureheads to pretend plausible deniability. Needless to say, I rejected him outright. Not out of any emotional reasons, but more on practical considerations. The propaganda front was established there for a particular reason and they are not to stop now. But the fact they were found out, documented and exposed has already produced the effect I was expecting: they have to make it appear they are not what they actually are and make good 100% in what they are doing. The Pinoy artists will only benefit for the meantime. In fact, I've toned down my VK account, limiting myself only to publicity of the Pinoy artists with films being shown in Kazakhstan and let them feature more Pinoy stars. I only do this for fun, but that's their career.

Above is part of the message of the Admin of the Fake Pinoy Group (We use direct Google translation  in order that I won't be accused of putting my own interpretation): "I have noticed that you are keen on Filipino culture, you do not want to become a manager in the group? Will no longer be propaganda, and I will give all the control to you. I have very little free time"

 But of course, the 5% lies are what that front is about. It's just a matter of time, every animal has its own DNA which it has to act upon... but even then, we've been tipped off beforehand, we will be there waiting.

 Now, if they indeed had seen the light and reinvent their genes, so much the better. Anyway, their work is really puny in the scheme of things. The Pinoy artists have already made inroads that even the villains haven't achieved in that area, and Pinoys won't need them as much as they needed to piggyback on the Pinoys in the limelight. As we have shown, this front is used by the villains to capture the Pinoy fans as ready captive for South Korean propaganda (Scandal 4 & 5).

 With this latest turn of events, we saw how they really operate, but which I expected because that's the textbook procedures in counterpropaganda: coup d'etat at the top. Reminiscent of the move to turn in the stars who were the original target of the initial sabotage, or the blatant influence on admins of some local fan clubs.

 Frankly, I don't find the South Koreans as threats. They have very obvious deficiencies which are fatal roadblocks to their big ambition (Plastic Surgery has its limits, for one). It's actually funny that they were caught doing what they were not supposed to be doing (just like the politician being caught dipping his fingers to the pie: if he was not caught, nobody would have been the wiser). But these are mere hiccups if they want to set things right.

 As I mentioned, I made a deliberate decision to limit myself in my VK account on the stars with films shown in Kazakhstan (or any place in the world where they are hot, for that matter). That is now beginning to be felt on my blog. This blogging is supposed to be fun, and I find it more fun monitoring the inroads of the Pinoy stars in their international forays. So far, I find only few of our local stars as interesting and it would be more fun zeroing in on only those who are interesting.

 As to the question of James Reid, have I really turned my back after the Houseboy-looking Rocker incident? My change in tactic was just a coincidence. In the beginning, I fed mostly Jadine articles because I was always thinking of my South American readers, my initial international readers. Moreover, ever since I stoked a diversionary intrigue to deflect the blowback of the Para Sa Hopeless Romantic flop on the Jadine love team, readers have looked to this blog as a Jadine fanatic. Wrong, it was just that I saw some bad moves, and it was like instinctively saving a baby from being run over by a speeding car. But the fact that I was mostly featuring the team limited my audience. When I started featuring Lizquen, the deluge of the readers made me really think but I played it slow so as not to offend. Then I got my perfect alibi: the Houseboy-looking Rocker incident was a perfect time to shift gears. I actually received unsolicited emails which said they understood. Whatever they understood, I am not sure. If ever On The Wings Of Love is shown in Kazakhstan or anywhere else, I'll be promoting them again. The Houseboy-looking Rocker Incident didn't mean a thing: James Reid will still have his handsome face so that means the villain still lost. They sabotaged him because fans loved his handsome face in the first place.

SCANDAL!!! Part 7: Getting Close To The Nitty-Gritty: SO... WHY DID THEY DO WHAT THEY HAD TO DO?

Upon the prodding (teasing, actually) of a Spanish friend, this blog started as a minor cheerleading squad for the Pinoy teen stars who were supposedly just starting to be noticed then but actually already eclipsing the usual fare in the supposedly-pirate Asiatic film websites (we now know these are just masquerading as pirate sites, they are actually propaganda sites). It was fun reading young fans complain they were "tired of watching" the old usual faces and that the Pinoy teen stars were a "relief". Little did we know that we would witness the blatant sabotage done on the Pinoy teen stars and their films. Diary ng Panget immediately became a hit when it came out on October 2014 and all the pirated Pinoy films received a boost, but it was the teen stars that really led the attack, with She's Dating the Gangster sustaining the Pinoy teen upsurge well into 2015. By February 2015, the requests for the second film of the Jadine loveteam, Talk Back And You're Dead, were started to be deleted in a Spanish site, Cineasiaenlinea. The requests for the film continued in the Comments section for Diary Ng Panget however... until all of a sudden, all the Comments, including the glowing reviews of the latter film, were summarily deleted in the end of February (Read SCANDAL!!! PART 2). The sabotage was not limited to the aforementioned website but in other big Spanish-speaking pirate sites (We would soon discover it's not limited in the Spanish blogosphere, either). Signs of desperation, from any measure.

EMMY AWARDS 2016: Jodi Sta. Maria nominated for Best Actress for "Pangako Sa Yo/The Promise/La Promesa" and "Bridges of Love/Puentes de Amor" nominated for Best Telenovela

Not only are Pinoy teleseryes getting high ratings from its mostly primetime slots in many countries in many continents, they are getting the critical accolades too.

Jodi Sta. Maria was nominated for Best Actress for her role in the teleserye Pangako Sa Yo/The Promise/La Promesa. She will be vying against  UK.'s Judi Dench ("Roald Dahl's Esio Trot"), Brazil's Grazi Massafera ("Verdades Secretas") and Germany's Christiane Paul ("Unterm Radar").

Meanwhile, the teleserye Bridges of Love/Puentes de Amor (the first teleserye shown in Latin America) was nominated for Best Telenovela, vying against entries from Brazil: A Regra de Jogo by Globo TV and Verdades Secretas, also by Globo TV, and from Canada, 30 Vies by Ici Radio-Canada.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

"BRIDGES OF LOVE" opens in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Malawi, Namibia, Senegal, Seychelles, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Togo, Zimbabwe

After successful runs on free-to-air TV in Kenya & Peru (where it was released as Puentes de Amor), Bridges of Love is now showing at My TV Africa, available to all Subsaharan African countries except South Africa (where Pinoy teleseryes are serialized on free-to-air TV when they are shown there).

The teleserye has just been nominated for Best Telenovela in the International Emmy Awards, vying against Verdades Secretas & A Regra de Jogo of Brazil & 30 Vies of Canada.

My TV Africa is available in these countries: